Common Myths on Root Canal

Root canals can be a pain, am I right? Of course I am. If you have ever been in need of a root canal then you know what I mean. The pain you go through is no less than exquisite. I got stuck on vacation visiting family in Ohio when it hit me and it was horrible. It was doubled over, face red, wanting to scream kind of pain. It was not as easy as checking your blood pressure using Omron BP785.

This is my “in extreme pain” face

Luckily I found a Westerville dentist who was willing to give me enough painkillers to get me back home. Then once I got back I got an appointment with my regular dentist as soon as I could.

I had never really heard anything about root canals before so I was really surprised when so many friends acted like I had just had a limb removed Civil War style. Apparently they had the idea that a root canal was something horrible. Let me be the first to tell you otherwise. Here are a few of the myths and why they are wrong.

Treatment is Painful

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The pain all happened before the treatment. Once I got in the dentist chair, they numbed me up and that was the last it really hurt. Of course there were a few little aches after the procedure but compared to what I was feeling before they were just a drop in the ocean.

Root Canals Often Fail

Not true! 85% of root canals are successful. If you find a good dentist then this percentage will drastically increase. The best part is the a root canal that is done correctly can last a life time. That means you never have to worry about that tooth again.

Long Procedure

This is another common misconception. The treatment is pretty quick and is usually complete in one or two appointments. I probably spent a total of an hour and a half between my two appointments.

Your Tooth Will Die

If you know anything about what is involved in a root canal then this is an easy mistake to make. In the procedure the nerves and pulp are removed from the center of the tooth. But the tooth lives on. These inner workings are only necessary during adolescence when the teeth are still growing. Your tooth will continue on after it’s insides are removed.

Increased Sensitivity

After the discomfort of the procedure wore off I was able to carry on with my normal routine. Ice cream, hot food, all that stuff that is supposed to bother you teeth did nothing to me. My tooth was so sensitive before the treatment that this felt like a miracle.

So if your tooth is in pain don’t be afraid. If you have a good dentist like mine, and the dentist in Westerville, Ohio, never fear. Go in and talk to them. You will be glad that you did.